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SCA Launches Mortgage Exchange: A Comprehensive Loan Sale Advisor

By: Bill Dolan, CMB

Spillane Consulting Associates, Inc. has created the SCA Mortgage Exchange to provide, CEO’s, CFO’s, CRA Officers and Secondary Market managers of community financial institutions the ability to efficiently sell or purchase specific loan products and pools, support unique balance sheet needs and meet possible CRA requirements.

This newly launched service allows SCA to function as the Advisor to both buyers and sellers, providing clients the capability to privately trade with other qualified parties including banks, credit unions and non-depositories of all types and sizes. It will now allow greater accessibility to both the primary and secondary markets. Rather than relying on antiquated traditional methods, SCA will work in our Clients’ best interest and provide the ability to buy and sell in a curated marketplace with hundreds of trusted investors. This will lead to enhanced exposure, greater execution and ultimately, better pricing.

Our mortgage exchange offers the capability to transfer loan data, documents and pricing information to purchase or sell whole loan assets including, but not limited to: Conforming, Jumbo, Fannie Mae, Freddie Mac, Government and ARM loans. SCA also works with unique or special portfolios that are always welcome. SCA has achieved this intelligence by employing the largest national real-time loan trading platform, powered by Optimal Blue.

Therefore, SCA clients will have the ability to:

  • Improve returns on asset pools

  • Ensure adequate liquidity and asset optimization

  • Stratify loan valuation and trading options

  • Eliminate inefficiencies, fragmentation and limited market access

  • Mitigate risk while increasing profitability

SCA can also afford Buyers/Sellers a real sense of security by offering Due Diligence services that utilize our web-based analytics software to perform a comprehensive review on both the credit and compliance side of each loan traded.

Whether seasoned or newly originated loan production, our Due Diligence team will eliminate the guesswork and any potential loan rejects or buybacks by insuring a clean asset sale. This can be accomplished on behalf of the Seller prior to the pool being offered for sale or on behalf of the Buyer prior to the financial transaction being completed.

For more information on how you can participate in the SCA Mortgage Exchange, please contact Bill Dolan, CMB, Director at (781) 356-2772 or email us at: Trading@scapartnering.com

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