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The New SCA Look

Big News: One of the great things about SCA is the range of issues we get to see, and the wealth of knowledge we get to tap into while working with dozens of clients on a monthly basis. Today, we'll share some important news about the new SCA look.

SCA Announcement:

This week at SCA, we are excited to announce the launch of our new website! Over the last few months, we have started to roll out a new visual identity to better express who we are and what we do today. Since our founding in 1991, SCA has been known throughout the mortgage banking industry in New England for different services at different times. While the structure of our company has changed over time, our philosophy and dedication to our clients has remained true. Rolling out our new visual identity is about more than how we look. It’s about updating how we communicate, so we can engage with our clients more effectively as we continue to grow. The refresh includes a new color palette and a revamped approach to data visualization. Our logo still figures prominently, symbolizing the constancy of our mission and values. In November, we moved to our New SCA Office Space. While remaining within the Greater Boston region, we moved a few miles from Braintree to North Weymouth! Now that we have relocated, our new office space will allow us to continue to grow and expand as a company. Furthermore, the expanded space and new conference areas will increase our ability to work on more complex and collaborative projects. In December, we released our New SCA Marketing Materials. A key goal for us was to emphasize our experience as a mortgage banking consulting firm. Since 1991, we have provided professional consulting in compliance, quality control, staffing, training, technology and management. After more than 28 years in the mortgage banking industry, SCA has now become a thought leader in the New England region. In January, we launched the New SCA Newsletter. Thanks to our growing subscribers and loyal readership, SCA has now moved to a newsletter format that will continue to facilitate interaction and engagement. You will continue to receive the same great content and industry insight, with a cleaner layout. The SCA Newsletter will continue to tap into our vast network to bring you analysis of the mortgage banking industry in New England. Additionally, we will be linking to industry news articles and adding periodic surveys. Now, we have launched the New SCA Website & Blog. Thanks to our strong client base around New England and beyond, the format of our new website will continue to facilitate interaction and engagement. We have upgraded our look to optimize efficiency. Additionally, navigating around is easier and more user-friendly. As always, our exclusive content will be archived in the “Blog” section of our website. To access our previous blog posts, please use the link on the right side of the SCA Blog to access the SCA Blog Archive page.

Spillane Consulting Associates has served the residential mortgage lending business since 1991. We have specialized in mortgage banking consulting services and provided quality control reviews, risk management and process consulting and employee training to credit unions, community banks and non-depository institutions. We are a thought leader on the strategic growth of residential mortgage lending. You can learn more by visiting our website, or scheduling a meeting with me or one of my colleagues.

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